Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to Apply Makeup

Makeup has been making women look better since Biblical times and beyond. Since the advent of beauty aides, women worldwide have mastered the art of teaching each other how to apply just the right colors to make each woman look better. In the spirit of keeping this tradition alive, here is yet another guide to how to apply makeup in order to highlight natural beauty, cover up flaws and improve the overall skin tone.

The first step to perfect makeup application is to prepare the skin. Wash away dirt, oil and dead skin with a light exfoliating cleanser. Follow that up with a water based moisturizer. Let it settle in for about 5 minutes. Apply a primer in a light layer and let that dry for about 5 minutes. The next step depends on what type of foundation you use. If you go with a liquid, apply it with a organic cosmetic brushes or sponges. Let the foundation dry for a little while. Set the foundation with loose powder applied with a kabuki brush. If you use a powder form mineral foundation, apply it with a dense bristle kabuki brush. Most makeup artist lean towards using an organic foundation.

After your skin is prepared for colorful makeup, decide which colors you will wear that day by coordinating eye shadow with your clothing. Generally speaking, applying a light colored base shadow on the lid is the best place to start. Choose and apply a highlighter just under the brow bone. Sweep a darker color into the crease of the eye and outer third of the eyelid. This will lend the appearance of wide set, deep eyes. Blend the shadow so it doesn't look too stark. Apply eyeliner of your choice either all the way around the eye or to the outer third of the eye on both top and bottom lids. Finish off the eyes with two to three coats of your favorite mascara.

Next, choose an appropriate blush to wear. Lighter, peachy blushes are great for spring and summer, while deeper colors are better for fall and winter. Load a loose bristle brush with blush and tap off any excess. Suck the cheeks in and apply blush to the most prominent part of the cheek. Blend upwards along the temple.

To finish off your look, pick an organic lipstick that is best for your complexion and outfit. Remember that if you have highlighted your eyes with a lot of eye shadow in dark colors keep your lipstick or gloss light. You don't want to look like a clown. Line the lips using a liner that is one shade darker than your lipstick. Highlight the middle fifth of the top and bottoms lips with liner for a fuller lipped look. Apply your lipstick and finish it off with a gloss if you choose.

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